October 1, 2021

About Us


Our story begins with a woman who loved to bake. She would not settle for anything less than perfection and crafted a creamy delicious cheesecake. Her family and friends loved her cheesecake so much that she decided she needed to share it with her community. She opened a stand at various local county fairs. Her recipe created an enormous five pounds of cheesecake which even by fair standards is far more than a single person can consume. Therefore, she decided to sell smaller portions on a stick. To make the treat even more delicious she dipped the massive cheesecake slice in rich mouthwatering chocolate! The “Cowbell Bar” was born.

When life became more stressful and the baker needed to focus on her family the county fairs became daunting. But she did not want to give up on sharing her cheesecake with others. She was fortunate to meet a beautiful couple named George and Stacey that loved the product so much, they decided to keep the product alive and buy the recipe.


George Weimer was born on a Chippewa Valley dairy farm in the heart of America’s Dairyland. Three generations lived and worked on that small family farm in Jim Falls, Wisconsin. The early morning milking and late afternoon feedings fostered a hard work ethic.  Running a farm was tough but left the Weimer’s with long lasting memories and a great love and appreciation for the beautiful State of Wisconsin.

That small farm has long been gone, however, the lessons learned have held tight. George and his wife, Stacey, raised their family in the wooded, rolling hills of Menomonie, Wisconsin. Working on the family farm has taught them Midwest values of great work ethics with high standards, which they tried their best to deliver every day. They took these same values to make a good product great and had fun along the way. In order for more people to enjoy Dairyland cheesecake in the comforts of their own home, George and Stacey expanded the product to include a smaller bite sized portion, called the “Cowbell Bite”. George and Stacey made a great team, with George baking the cheesecake with heavy whipping cream and Stacey hand dipping each bite into a specialty blend of melted chocolate. The smaller size also made the bites easier for packaging and distribution and allowed George and Stacey to bring the chocolate dipped treat from the county fair to local groceries across Wisconsin and eventually expanding to include other states in the upper Midwest. Eventually the demands of production became too time consuming and strenuous. Fortunately for George and Stacey as well as Dairyland Bakery they met Brandon and Zach. 


Brandon and Zach grew up in Wisconsin and became lifelong friends after shooting hoops during freshman gym class in high school. They have been residents of the Madison area most of their lives and have a passion for all things Wisconsin, from enjoying a Badger win to eating cheese curds with friends laughing around a camp fire.  

When Brandon called Zach about an opportunity to purchase a chocolate dipped cheesecake company, Zach immediately went to the local grocery store and bought a pack. After one bite Zach thought how it fit perfectly into what is so great about Wisconsin and wanted to share it with the world. From there Brandon and Zach’s entrepreneurial spirit took flight and they began meeting with chocolatiers as well as experts on branding, nutrition, and food science. They worked diligently on ways to scale production, improve packaging while maintaining high quality ingredients without sacrificing taste. They are extremely grateful for the love and support from family and friends as well as expertise from mentors. Get ready world! You are about to experience a mind-blowing taste from the heart of the Dairyland. It is Utterly Delicious!